WildChina Bazaar

Friday 23, Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 September, 2016

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a celebration of artisan china


Beshan Gai is a celebration of artisan culture in the form of a curated pop-up bazaar. The event brings together a selection of hand-crafted treasures from all corners of China and beyond right to the heart of Beijing. From vendors, to theming, to F&B and entertainment, the experience is a carefully curated feast for the senses and features experiential elements where visitors can interact with artisans at work, transporting them right into their workshops and studios.

The inaugural Beshan Gai in September 2015 received outstanding feedback from vendors and visitors alike and this year it will return as a 3-day moving exhibition across different venues in Beijing.


shopping - food - entertainment - culture


BESHAN GAI @ Rosewood beijing

chaoyangmen outer street, CHAOYANG, BEIJING

DATE: friday SEPTEMBER 23, 2016

TIME: 12 pm - 8 pm



BEShan gai @ The Opposite House

11 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang, Beijing

DATE: Saturday 24 & sunday 25 september, 2016

TIME: 11 am  -  6 pm

Free Admission


Beshan Gāi 2015 was a celebration of artisan China in the form of a 1-day boutique bazaar in partnership with The Opposite House. It brought together hand-crafted and hand-cultivated treasures from all corners of the country to Beijing and attracted over 2,000 visitors who shopped and dined in style and sophistication.. From artisans, to theming, to F&B and entertainment, the experience was carefully curated with the special WildChina touch and featured in magazines such as Conde Nast, Bloomberg China, City Weekend and Time Out Beijing, to name just a few


The Concept

At WildChina we are passionate about showcasing China’s exquisite artisan cultures in each of our made-to-measure journeys. 

The tea merchant in Dali with wheels of Puer lining his shop walls; the bee-farmer in Qinghai dishing out spoonfuls of honey tastings at his road-side stand. These artisans enrich our travels with the joy of serendipitous discovery and the flavors of local culture. Their crafts provide precious mementos that remind us of the sights, smells and smiles encountered along the road. 

The genesis of Beshan Gāi stemmed from a vision of giving people a taste of the joys of discovery which WildChina customers get as our passionate local guides give insider access to the special artisans that only locals know how to find. 

The Name

In commemoration of our 15th anniversary, we looked back to our roots to devise a name for this unique new concept. 

'Beshan'  -碧山 is WildChina's Chinese name. It was derived from a famous poem by classical poet Li Bai, often considered the greatest Chinese poet of all time. 'Gāi' -街, literal translation being 'street', is the word for 'market' in founder Zhang Mei's native Yunnanese dialect. Together, 'Beshan Gāi' means 'WildChina Market' - a special place where we open the doors for a taste of WildChina's insider access and curated experiences from across China, right in the heart of Beijing.